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Visa for Immigration has been institutionalized under the aide of Immigration Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Immigration Overseas is an Immigration Law Firm performing all its activities under legal supervision. Visa for Immigration is accredited with all major Immigration Regulatory Bodies. We are certified/accredited with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority), MIA (Migration Institute of Australia), ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), BCI (Bar Council of India) to name a few. Our global presence is determined by the fact that we are recognized with all major immigration regulatory bodies. This ensures a smooth processing of your case as per in accordance with the prevailing laws of immigration across the world. No two countries have the same migration rules. Thus in order to be adept to handle cases related to almost any country, the organization is enrolled with all major immigration regulatory bodies.

MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority)

MARA is an active part of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship functioning under the Migration Act 1958. This office is run in Australia and determines all its activities as per in accordance with the Migration Act 1958. Each individual who claims to be registered with MARA should function as per the guidelines laid down by Registerd MARA agents. Holding MARA accreditation means we legalizes all actions performed on the legal front. So the immigration procedure that is undertaken by the team at Visa for Immigration is backed by legal approval greatly handled by MARA certified agents under the firm. There is a strict code of conduct that we as an immigration law firm have to abide by to continue holding the privilege to being registered with MARA. The direct association is what steers our activities.Our MARA agents in Delhi, India are offering well-verged service domain to the clients, resolving every migration related issue on their part.

ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)

ICCRC is a non-profit organization that defines the laws and regulations that need to be undertaken by any individual or organization in order to be able to perform migration related activities. Visa for Immigration is accredited with ICCRC Canada, thereby legally binding it to perform activities as per in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the organization. This ensures transparency and authenticity of Visa for Immigration. We are composed of ICCRC members that are the ICCRC consultants, offering very proficient code of conduct to the entire organization.

BCI (Bar Council of India)

The Bar Council of India is a statutory body run by the Indian Government that lays down the rules and regulations pertaining to immigration. BCI defines the laws of immigration by which every individual has to abide in order to legally carry out the process of immigration.
Visa for Immigration-An Immigration Overseas enterprise holds MARA accreditation and registration from other migration authorities worldwide. The organization comprises of a team of Immigration Solicitors and MARA agents in India, registered with all the above mentioned bodies. Our highly qualified Immigration Solicitors, ICCRC approved consultants in India and MARA Registered immigration agents are well versed with the rules pertaining to migration and lodge your case only after a thorough study, thereby ensuring a positive result. They are aware of the frequent rules and regulations that are bound to change every now and then. They are equipped with knowledge that enables them to handle situations of any sort.

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