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Norway Immigration

Norway Immigration

Located in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in Northern Europe, Norway covers a total area of 385,252sq.kms. The country shares a major portion of its border with Sweden in the east, Finland and Russia in its northeast border, and Skagerrak Strait in the south, on which Denmark is situated in its other side. The country has a sparse population of just five million.

The extensive coastline of Norway, facing the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean is very popular for its fjords, which are basically U-shaped valleys that are located between high cliffs. Two of its fjords, namely, the Geirangerfjord and the Naeroyfjord are designated in the World Heritage Lists by UNESCO. The economy of Norway is mainly dependent on the oil and gas industry. It comes in the top ten worldwide ranking of the countries producing Natural gas. The country has a mixed economy, a social democratic nation and prosperous capitalist welfare state.

Apart from attracting a large number of tourists every year because of its natural splendor, the country offers great opportunities for the immigrants. Some of these are mentioned below:

There are various selection options of Denmark visa available supporting varying migration aspirations.

Benefits for International Students

The unemployment rate in Norway is very low. So it is considered as an ideal country to find jobs,
The low expenses of higher studies in the country, with high quality courses attracts a large number of foreign students to study there;
Norway is known for its advanced research, and innovations in areas of contemporary architecture and design;
To attend public higher education in Norway there is no tuition fees as the expenses are given by the Ministry of Education and Research;
There are provisions for scholarships to students with high merits.

Benefits for job seekers

The unemployment rate in Norway is very low. So it is considered as an ideal country to find jobs,
The country has a low crime rate. So it is safe to live in such a place,
Every employee has a right to 5 weeks paid leave,
High amount of salaries.

High Standard of Lifestyle

The work culture is characterized by outdoor life and sports activities. It is also influenced by the high value of children in the country. The employees who have small children are allowed to leave the work place early to pick them up from the kindergarten.

In the recent years, Norway has been transforming into a globalized, multi-cultured nation with the massive growth of the immigrants. The older generations of Norway had probably not seen any outsider, but today almost a quarter of the people residing in the capital city, Oslo are migrants.

Types of Visa for Norway

Work Permit: If you would like to come to Norway to work then you need to apply for a Residence Permit for work.

Student Visa:You have to apply for a Student Residence Permit to study in Norway for a period of more than three months. The Residence Permit also permits you for a part-time work.

Norway Immigration: To be eligible for Immigration to Norway visa, you need to stay in the country for three consecutive years. During this period of stay you may go outside the country for seven months, but each absence cannot be more than three months.

Business Visa: This visa is granted to people who have to visit Norway for business purposes, and it is also given to employees who have to attend conferences and trainings.

Visitor’s Visa:If you want to visit your children or spouse in Norway then you have to apply for a Visitor’s Visa, which must not exceed a duration of 90 days.

Family Immigration: If you have a family in Norway and you want to stay with them then you need to apply for Family Immigration.

Tourist Visa: It is given to those who would like to visit Norway and other Schengen areas for tourism purposes.

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